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This is Headline One

This default article will be replaced by a much better default article just as soon as I get time. This is the introductory paragraph so it would normally pose a question or problem which will be answered by the following paragraphs.

This is Headline Two

This part of the default article is what we call the main body 1. There are three parts to the main body of any article. By dividing every article into inroduction, main body ( 3 parts) and conclusion, we ensure that every article is properly structured and well writte. We have three body sctions on every article.

This is Headline Three

This is the second body section of our default article. By having three seperate sections of the article body, we remind writers that the article should build out and develop the theme of the article using several paragraphs.

Each body section can have more than one paragraph, so there are no restrictions on increasing the paragraphs however the use of three sections ensures that there are at least three paragraphs.

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This is Headline Four

Completing the three body sections, is this, the third section. When composing a good quality article, the writer sould think in terms of answering readers questions. Focusing on What, When, Where, Why and How type of questions will lead to providing useful and interesting articles for our readers. The total of articles should be in the region of 500 - 750 words. This gives enough space to properly addrres most topics and to provide useful information. This is Google

This is Headline Five

In conclusion, we have this concluding paragraph where the writer can summarise an lead the reader to further reading or towards an offer which will solve a particluar issue which has been discussed. This concluding paragraph should not be too long, just otwo or three sentences is normally enough.

About the author: The Bizz.

At the end of our article, we have an "About the Author" box. This can be copy and pasted in to the bottom of every article that is author posts, or it can be written afresh each time. By encourage writters to custom write the About box for each article as it will increase reding and click throughs.

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